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ULU Yoga Swing | AirSwing | Aerial Yoga Hammock (with shipping)

Ulu Yoga

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Learn to fly with the ULU Yoga AirSwing! After ten years of research and development, considering all the pros and cons of various hammocks, belts, parachutes, and gymnastic equipment, ULU Yoga created the ultimate aerial prop.

The AirSwing is made with soft cushion padding and strong non-stretch fabric, offering you far greater comfort, support and control than regular aerial yoga hammocks, which are painful and cumbersome to use. 

The AirSwing is a versatile prop that can aid beginners with limited abilities, plus support advanced practitioners achieve new levels. It can enhance a wide range of styles from traditional yoga, physical therapy, acrobatics, even TRX style strength training.

Since 2014 ULU Yoga has led hundreds of Aerial Yoga Teacher Trainings. We literally have thousands of student testimonials to support our claims. You can find The ULU Yoga AirSwing in studios around the world. We invite you to join us on this magical journey. 


$40 for 1 swing and $10 for each additional swing. It ships from Bali and takes about 2-4 weeks international. IF THE SHIPPING IS MUCH HIGHER THAN WE ESTIMATE HERE WE MUST ADJUST YOUR ORDER. SORRY.

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Guaranteed for 10 years.

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  • 1 ULU Yoga AirSwing (2m)
  • 1 pair of daisy chain straps (1.8m)
  • 1 pair rock climbing carabiners 
  • 3 hours of training videos (see above)
  • 100 page PDF manual (click here)


The AirSwing has cushion inserts sewn into the fabric, which you can easily open, fold or roll to best support the body in various poses and exercises. You can open fully to 30cm to easily sit down like a normal swing, or fold in half to support the ribs in side bends, or fold into thirds for forward bending poses, or roll up tightly like a regular aerial hammock for hooking the feet. The AirSwing is made with strong non-stretch fabric, and comes with 2m daisy chain straps and locking carabiners. This allows you to easily adjust the height for different poses to maximize  accessibility and safety.


Are made with cheap stretchy nylon or slippery parachute fabric, which rips easy and deteriorates quickly with washing. There is no padding making them painful in many poses. They cut into the skin, causing bruising and rash. They are big long wide sheets of fabric, which tangle you up and are complicated to adjust. The fabric stretches, which creates instability as you bounce around. Often you cannot adjust the height without a ladder. So you have to set it to maximum height for inversion, which makes it difficult for 90% of all other poses, where a lower setting is more convenient. And if you miscalculate the height setting, you can hit your head in inversions and break your neck!


Your purchase comes with 3 hours of training videos, plus a 100 page manual with detailed instructions of over 50 poses. 



Since 2014 ULU Yoga has certified thousands of Aerial Yoga instructors with our 50 Hour Teacher Training, which is available in Bali, Thailand, and online. Over the years we have accumulated a wealth of detailed knowledge, proper technique, and ability to clearly explain asanas and flows. We have led hundreds of Aerial Teacher Trainings. With each training we see our own skills improve based on the performance and feedback from the students. Graduates receive a Certificate of Continuing Education from ULU Yoga who is a RYT-500HR Registered School with Yoga Alliance.