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ULU Yoga AirSwing - No Shipping

ULU Yoga AirSwing - No Shipping

Ulu Yoga

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Learn to fly with the ULU Yoga Airswing. Made with cushioned inserts and gortex fabric, the ULU Airswing is stronger, safer, more comfortable, supportive and versatile than regular hammocks and any other aerial apparatus. 


AirSwing v.s. Regular Hammocks

The AirSwing has yoga mat cushion inserts sewn into the fabric to hold it's shape. You can keep it open to easily sit down, or fold in half or thirds or roll depending of the pose and body type. The Airswing is made extra strong poly membrane waterproof Gortex style fabric, like North Force uses. It will last forever and can be washed like a normal yoga mat after practice. The width is set to easily open and sit down or fold or roll precisely depending on the pose and body type. It's non stretchy, so you can set the exact height, ensuring you won't hit your head in inversions. The Standard AirSwing is easy to adjust the hight with daily chain straps and carabinars at head height.

Regular hammocks are made with cheap stretchy nylon or slippery parachute fabric, which rips easy and deteriorates quickly with washing. There is no padding making them painful in many poses. They cut into the skin, causing bruising and rash. They are big long wide sheets of fabric, which tangle you up and are complicated to adjust. The fabric stretches, which creates instability as you bounce around. They are difficult to adjust the height. You need a ladder to reach the carabiner, which is usually set over 2m high. So usually you have to set it to maximum height for inversion, which makes it difficult for 90% or all other poses, where a lower setting is more convenient. And if you miscalculate the height setting, you can hit your head in inversions and break your neck.


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The ULU Yoga Swing is fully guaranteed for two years.