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Online: 200hr Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training

Online: 200hr Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training

Ulu Yoga

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Start your Online Multi-Style Yoga TTC Today!
 Yoga Alliance Certified

Enjoy an immersive Online Yoga TT with inspiring live classes and videos featuring beautiful Bali nature. Learn traditional ashtanga yoga, meditation, pranayama, philosophy, anatomy and teaching methodology. Courses are fully Certified by Yoga Alliance and flexible so you can complete at your own pace. Since 2014 ULU Yoga has led over 100 teacher trainings and graduates teach all over the world.

Bonus : Use your tuition credit to take any future course in Thailand or Bali to enjoy aerial, acro and SUP yoga training on a paradise beach.

Bonus : Try our FREE tutorials and chat with us for extra support. 


  • Beautiful Bali beach videos
  • 100 hours of live Zoom classes 
  • Traditional ashtanga vinyasa yoga
  • Watch video modules in your free time
  • Tuition credit for future courses in Bali
  • Practice teaching to gain confidence
  • Flexible self-paced TT schedule
  • Yoga Alliance Certification

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  • $599 Full Tuition


  • Courses are ongoing every month. You can start at any time and work at your own pace. You can complete the training in 1 month by following the suggested schedule. But this course is also flexible giving you up to 12 months to complete. 


  • You can complete the entire course offline by completing video modules and reading and writing assignments. You will also submit videos of yourself practicing and teaching. You are not required to attend live classes. They are all recorded and you can watch later. 

Live Classes

  • There are usually 2 live classes a day between 09:00-21:00 Thailand time. You may attend live classes for several months up to 100 hours. Live classes are a mix of Q&A discussion about the video modules and assignments plus regular practice. Some classes like Philosophy and Anatomy include students from other programs like ULU Yoga’s Hatha / Vinyasa Yoga TT. While you can complete the entire course by recorded videos it is recommended to join as many live classes as possible. 

Tuition Credit

  • Your online tuition fee serves as credit to attend ULU Yoga courses in Thailand and Bali. Then you can enjoy special classes like beach yoga, acro yoga, aerial yoga and SUP yoga. If a physical course is $2000 and the online course is $1000, you will only pay $1000 more to join the physical course.


Techniques, Training, Practice

  • Daily practice of traditional ashtanga yoga primary series featuring sun salutations, standing and sitting poses and finishing sequence. 
  • Daily analytics where each pose is examined in detail for correct form and alignment. Workshops include ashtanga yoga for beginners, injuries, adjustments, transitions and advanced postures.
  • Lectures include how to chant to opening and closing mantras, dristi, breath and bandhas.
  • There are several versions of the complete primary series recorded in the tropical jungle, beautiful beach and yoga studio depending if you want inspiration or focus. 

Anatomy & Physiology

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the structures and principles underlying each movement and of yoga itself. See how specific muscles respond to the movements of the joints with biomechanics; how alterations of a pose can enhance or reduce effectiveness; how the spine, breathing, and body position are all fundamentally linked; and the various bodily systems. 


  • Meaning of yoga and in particular ashtanga, nature of self/soul, identification system, common terms of yoga, 4 paths of yoga, Patanjali 8 limbs, chakras, 4 states of consciousness, ayurveda intro, 4 yoga attitudes. You will receive reading and writing assignments and discuss topics in live Zoom calls.  

Professional Essentials

  • Includes video lectures for teaching skills and teaching methodology, plus assignments for teaching practice. Each week you must record yourself practicing and teaching others. You can teach friends, family or other students via Zoom. For your final exam you must teach a complete 75 minute class. An instructor will examine your videos and give you feedback. 

Teaching Materials

  • You will receive PDF’s and links to essential readings. The course content is derived from the following books, which you are encouraged to buy: Teaching Yoga by Mark Stephens, The Art of Vinyasa by Richard Freeman, Ashtanga Yoga by Lino Miele, Light on Yoga by B.K.S. Iyengar, Yoga Anatomy by Leslie Kaminoff, Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita and Vedas.



  • ULU Yoga is a 200/300/500-hour registered school with Yoga Alliance ID 198078. Upon successfully completing this course you will receive a certificate of completion and become eligible to join Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher. Due to COVID-19 Yoga Alliance is allowing teacher trainings to be 100% online throughout 2021. A laminated certificate can be mailed out for $20.

 ULU Yoga

  • ULU stands for Universal Love and Understanding. Their passion is to spread health and wellness around the world. Since 2014, ULU Yoga has led over 100 Teacher Trainings in Thailand and Bali as well as online. ULU Yoga strives to be creative and unique while still honouring the sacred wisdom of traditional yoga as a means to peace and happiness. 


Salome Heinicke
  • Salome (@acro.coco, Germany) is ULUs Ashtanga teacher. She is a 500hrs certified Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher. 5 years ago she went to her first Anusara and Ashtanga classes, but soon noticed the benefits for her mind and body in a morning self practice.
  • After her Masters in Molecular Bioscience she decided to go and discover her true passions. More than once she met people practicing Ashtanga Mysore style, and after the first practice she was fascinated and knew she found home. She stayed with teachers in Hawaii and Australia before she went on for deeper studies in Mysore and Iyengar in Rishikesh. Soon, Bali became home, and today she keeps practicing and learning with her well known teachers at Samadi Bali.
  • In Ashtanga she found her breath, self-love to her body, a silent, grounding movement and a focused mind. She embraces the balance between a serious, meditative, strong practice and on the other side she loves the peacefulness and trust in AcroYoga. So Salomé also became certified as a Partner Acrobatics teacher. 
  • She wishes others to experience similar, and shares her practice of Ashtanga Asana, Acrobatics, Pranayama and Meditation. With excitement she empowers to try something new and changes life for the better. She has been teaching and assisting internationally, in Bali, Sri Lanka and Europe. 
    Cody Gavin Pizer
    • Cody (South Africa) RYT-500, lead ULU Yoga Trainer. Cody has been Teaching Yoga Globally for several years, and serving as lead Senior Instructor on multiple Yoga Teacher Trainings. He specializes in Human Anatomy Related to Movement, Yoga, Buddhist and Classic Philosophy, Yoga Asana Analytics and Movement Clinics, Guided meditation and self meditation training, as well as Vinyasa, Aerial, Primal, Restorative and SUP Yoga.
    • He has trained in India and Thailand on Multi-style Vinyasa, Yoga, Hatha, Ashtanga and Yin Teacher Trainings, and attended multiple movement, anatomy and mediation workshops throughout Asia. He has certifications in aerial and SUP yoga. Additionally he has several years experience in Qi Gong, Primal Movement, Contemporary Dance, Calisthenic training and a black belt in Taekwondo. 
    • Cody has led multiple mindfulness retreats, mixed movement arts and flow workshops in Bali, India, Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia plus taught at the famous Yoga Barn in Bali and Blue Indigo in Cambodia. He is a long-time meditator, movement artist, vegan and intermittent faster plus has written books on mindfulness, meditation and Flow. 
    • Cody has an uninhibited spirit, which directs his life and inspires others to grow beyond themselves. He has a passion for movement and mindfulness which connects disciplines and translates into his holistic approach to classes. Cody feels that it is his life purpose to share his knowledge and inspire others through yoga, movement and philosophy. Guiding his students to discover more about the miracle and magic that is life.
       Manjeet Mathur
      • Manjeet (India) started yoga and self awareness path in 2009.  He completed his 200-Hr, 300-Hr, Yoga Therapy Module 1 & 2 MultiStyle Yoga TT with Parimukti yoga in India.  He also has certifications in Meditation teacher training and Iyengar yoga.

      • Manjeet has taught 3000+ hours in 50 plus yoga and meditation teacher trainings specialising in Hatha yoga, Meditations, Practical Yoga Philosophy, Chakras, Pranayama and more!  He has a very Human approach to Yoga and believes in personalizing practices for everyone. Emotional Awareness and making a light, playful space also are Manjeet's speciality.  

      • His classes can range from discussions on our Shadows (related to parents, money, relationships, life experiences) to singing Mantra circles to Dance Therapy practices to blissed out Asana or Meditation sessions!  Manjeet has led Chakra retreats, Dance Yoga trainings and Yoga Sharing circles & workshops in Bali & India.

      • He has a Calming and Grounded presence which inspires others around him to come back to Simplicity and Ease of living. His highest purpose is to keep creating Space and Peace in his daily life and invite others to also keep choosing their Higher Self, Intuition and Connectedness with all that exists. 

      • Manjeet’s passion for Yoga has led him to becoming the face of a Modern Mystic Yogi - grounded in self practice and also embracing life and the joys it offers. He loves to motivate others through Self reflection, structured and improvised yoga poses and embodying the qualities of eastern heart and western mind balance.

       Kehkashan Nadeem
      • KK (Pakistan) has 20 years of yoga experience. KK’s first yoga training was more than 1,000 hours long over a 6 month in 2001. Since then she has practiced every single day despite a busy family life with two kids. KK has completed a 500-hour Advanced YTT in Nepal, Hot Yoga TT from Absolute Yoga Academy, Advance Teaching Skills at the Yoga Expert Academy, Aerial Yoga TT at ULU Yoga & Sky Yoga Level 2 TT in Bali. 

      • After training with ULU Yoga KK became famous for bringing aerial yoga to Pakistan and is featured on the radio, TV and magazines. Since then she has led several yoga teacher trainings with ULU Yoga in Thailand and Bali. Since 2001 she has practiced every single day despite a busy family life with two kids. Each year KK attends more trainings to improve her skills in various styles.

      • She thanks yoga for giving her such an amazing meaningful life and thanks her instructors and students for allowing her to share what she loves. KK’s passion for improving oneself through yoga is infectious. She is a master at taking you through the paces, drawing connections between poses, giving you the confidence to try tricky things & get into advanced poses eventually.

      • She is tough when one needs to be challenged, & compassionate as she tailors poses to suit one’s capabilities, taking time to discuss students’ health & introduce them to pranayama & meditation, determined to take one deeper into the sublime joyride that is yoga.


      Piera Polo - June, 2020

      • I will be always thankful for the incredible amount of knowledge that Ulu Yoga teachers shared with me as students, I think much more than I was expected to recibe. I will recommend this course to other people, 100%. It was an amazing journey, also because it was an online course, but I always felt I was in the class with them. Thank you so much.

      Rebecca Visintainer - July, 2020

      • This was such a great experience. Although the format had to be modified due to the global pandemic, I very much appreciated how tailored this teacher training was to each person. The ability to move at one's own pace allowed time to process and really grasp the information. Everyone was kind and helpful and had a strong ability to present complex information in a clear way. In the end, I really enjoyed the virtual format and did not feel it lacked in any way as compared to a retreat teacher training format. 

      Ruth Baker - July, 2020

      • I think that ULU Yoga did a great job at adapting to the online learning platform in a short space of time. They listened to students and responded with patience and kindness. There was a wealth of knowledge from the diverse teachers involved and certain teachers clearly worked to build a sense of community amongst the students despite the distance between us and differing time zones. The flexibility suited me and I was always met with kindness and support from admin staff as well as teaching staff.

      Keiko Oka - July, 2020

      • I sincerely thank you for all of your support and efforts to put together such an incredible program while you must be busy answering all kind of questions and inquiries. The wisdom from all the teachers gives a lot of hope for me and my family. Corona has challenged all of us, but your program has shown us how to turn the difficult time into a great learning opportunity, which I’m sure is healing for many of us in this time of uncertainty. I’m all inspired by your pioneer spirit of adapting quickly to the ‘new normal.’ Very much forward to the new videos. Thank you again.

      Rebekah Burn - June, 2020

      • ULU yoga school is a wonderful place to learn and grow and I would recommend them as an excellent school with a rich tapestry of knowledge and a great deal of love to share. The team are fantastic and have made me feel so welcome during my training. The classes and lectures have been inspiring, interesting, beautiful, challenging, spiritual and have opened my heart. ULU has offered clear and constant communication, always responding to emails and messages. ULU worked tirelessly to help students and deal with technical issues. I hope to continue my yoga journey with these beautiful people in the future.

      Nicole Lee - June, 2020

      • ULU Yoga's turnaround in this COVID-19 situation has been nothing short of extraordinary. I purchased a yoga training package from them for April 2020 at their Bali campus. As COVID-19 loomed, it was apparent that the course would not be able to materialise. ULU offered an incredible solution to me: they will honour the physical yoga teacher training when they're allowed to reopen, and they will maximise my April by offering me their new online YTT programme for free. 
      • Every class was done live via Zoom and we had opportunities to meet and interact with each other, as well as yoga instructors. There is nothing like a live class. The discussions were always lively and insightful while the practices were inclusive and interactive. The graduation ceremony was amazing too. We were invited to close our eyes and guided through a fantastic visualization of our spiritual journey to yogi enlightenment. When I opened my eyes, I was touched that so many of the new students stayed on to congratulate us. It was very heartwarming. My heart is so full. 
      • I have nothing but praise and admiration for my experience on this journey. I am thankful for the extensive number of live Zoom sessions we were given. They were above and beyond Yoga Alliance requirements and gave me an experience I'll be eternally grateful for. I will return to Ulu Yoga for their physical aerial teaching training when it commences. In the meantime, I encourage aspiring yogis to undertake their online courses without worry of quality compromise. My experience has been invaluable and I'm sure yours would be too.

      Thank you

      Please join and help spread the gift of health and wellness around the world.

      With love,

      The ULU Yoga Family



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