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21 Day 300 Hour Advanced MultiStyle Yoga Teacher Training in Uluwatu, Bali

21 Day 300 Hour Advanced MultiStyle Yoga Teacher Training in Uluwatu, Bali

Ulu Yoga

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Enjoy the most beautiful beaches in Bali on this MultiStyle Yoga Teacher Training. Learn to teach traditional hatha and vinyasa yoga. Do fun workshops in aerial, acro and SUP yoga. Deepen your knowledge with sacred yoga philosophy, meditation, detailed alignment and functional anatomy.  Since 2014 ULU Yoga has certified over a thousand new instructors and is a Yoga Alliance RYS-500. 

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  • Enjoy a beautiful shala by the beach
  • Learn to teach hatha and vinyasa yoga
  • Gain insight with sacred yoga philosophy
  • Deepen your skills with functional anatomy
  • Do aerial, acro, yin, ashtanga and SUP yoga
  • Discover your true self through meditation
  • Detox with a steam sauna and ice bath
  • Liberate your soul with ecstatic dance
  • Receive Yoga Alliance Certification

    The prices listed here include a $500 early bird discount, which is good for any 2023 course booked before Aug, 2023.

    • $1999 Tuition and breakfast
    • $2499 Shared Ocean View. 3D Home. 4min walk
    • $2799 Standard Ocean View. 3D Home. 4min walk
    • $2799 Superior Garden View. Kamafari. 4min walk
    • $2899 Deluxe Ocean View. Taman Sari. 4min walk
    • $3299 Deluxe Ocean View. One Degree. 7min walk
    • $5399 Deluxe Garden View. Le Bamboo. Onsite


    Sunday (day 1)

    • 15:00 Check in
    • 17:30 Orientation
      Monday - Friday
      • 6:45  Morning yoga
      • 8:45  Breakfast
      • 9:30 Philosophy, anatomy
      • 10:45 Asanas, alignment
      • 12:30 Lunch, beach, surf
      • 15:00 Workshops
      • 17:30 Finish


        • Half Day


        • Free time
                  Saturday (last day)
                  • 6:45 Morning yoga
                  • 9:00 Breakfast
                  • 10:00 Graduation & Closing Ceremony
                  • 12:00 Finish
                  • May 28 - June 17 - 2023
                  • July 23 - Aug 12 - 2023
                  • Sept 24 - Oct 14 - 2023
                  • Nov 19 - Dec 9 - 2023
                  • Feb 4 - Feb 24 - 2024
                  • Mar 24 - Apr 13 - 2024
                  • May 26 - Jun 15 - 2024
                  • Jul 28 - Aug 17 - 2024
                  • Sep 29 - Oct 19 - 2024
                  • Nov 24 - Dec 14 - 2024


                  300HR Structure

                  The focus of this course is gaining skills to enhance your teaching abilities, not injuring yourself by trying poses beyond your level. ‘Advanced’ refers to greater variety of styles, more in depth focus on each style, more attention to modifying poses for different levels and special needs, more specialised classes to achieve specific goals.

                  Integrate anatomical and energetic knowledge into the physical practice (fascia, alignment, injury prevention, bandhas, pranayama), design special workshops and give presentations in addition to teaching regular yoga classes. Learn about advanced poses, and practice the steps to safely achieve them (which can take several years).

                  Morning Yoga

                  Each morning begins with mindful meditation and pranayama breath work. This is followed by an active yoga practice that focuses either on traditional hatha yoga, ashtanga vinyasa series, or a dynamic vinyasa flow. Each class is lead by a senior instructor and carefully designed to fulfill the specific needs, interests and special requests of the students.

                  Evening Yoga

                  Evening classes alternate between restorative yin yoga, aerial yoga, acro yoga, plus advanced hatha and vinyasa flow. Go beyond your 200 hour YTT and explore more creative sequences, dynamic transitions, advanced poses and modifications with props.

                  Specialized Workshops

                  Each day includes a special workshop, such as: teaching methodology, hands-on adjustments, yoga for injuries, transitions, sequencing, class design, mantras, Hinduism, working with props, advanced pranayama and meditation techniques. Other workshops may include prenatal yoga, sound healing, chakra awakening, ecstatic dance, Ayurveda and nutrition.

                  Analytics, Alignment, Technique

                  Take a fresh look at foundational poses from senior instructors with over 20 years of teaching experience. Learn to integrate anatomical and energetic knowledge into your practice to reach higher levels of awareness, alignment and technique. Compare and contrast different teachings from numerous disciplines, to discover the right fit for your body type and personal needs. Explore cross training exercises to enhance your practice and achieve advanced poses. Learn to modify poses for beginners, elderly and students with special needs.

                  Teaching Practice and Methodology

                  Receive detailed feedback from experienced peers and instructors. ULU Yoga encourages students to share their skills, knowledge and experiences to grow together and craft their own original style. Practice teaching in small groups, plus take turns leading the whole class. You will learn teaching skills, cueing, sequencing, and lesson planning. Each week you will design and teach a 75-min class or special workshop and teach it 1-1 with a partner, followed by detailed feedback.

                  SUP Yoga and Beach Yoga

                  One morning you will explore the gorgeous Bali coastline with SUP Yoga. Stand up paddle board yoga is a fun challenge. Receive a new sense of balance while floating over the ocean. You will also do yoga on the beach once a week and take amazing pictures.

                  Functional Anatomy and Energetics

                  Receive an overview of bodily systems, structures, and principles underlying each movement and of yoga itself. See how specific muscles respond to the movements of the joints with biomechanics. Learn to prevent and recover from injuries. Examine yoga asanas in action with functional anatomy. Learn how the spine, breathing, body positions are all fundamentally linked with energetic systems.

                  Traditional Yoga Philosophy

                  Discover your true self and the deeper nature of reality through the sacred wisdom of ancient yogic philosophy. Topics include the vedas, yoga sutras, Bhagavad Gita, 8 limbs, nature of self/soul, nadis, chakras, consciousness, karma, gunas, ego, Tantra, and more. Go beyond the texts and learn to integrate these lessons and apply them in the real world to cultivate a holistic lifestyle off the mat.

                  Business Essentials

                  Learn all the secrets, skills and mistakes to avoid to start your own successful yoga business. Learn how to take pictures, make videos, promote on social media, design a course, organize students and teaching staff, join Yoga Alliance, get listed on booking platforms, process payments, arrange accommodations, coordinate with teams.


                  Self Study
                  During your onsite training, you should spend 1 to 2 hours a day of self study, for a total of 30 hours. However, it is recommended that you complete these hours before the course starts. You can follow the preset study guide or choose from the online course what classes best suit your needs and interests. There are also optional daily live classes on Zoom where you can meet instructors and ask questions. Time vary.

                  Online Studies
                  You are required to complete 170 hours of online studies (in addition to your 30 hours of required self study). You can work at your own pace and complete them in 30 days or up to 1 year. It's recommended you complete them before the onsite portion, but you can also do them after. You will receive a provisional certificate until these hours are completed. The studies include videos covering all topics including analytics, anatomy, philosophy, methodology and more.


                  ULU Yoga is a 200/300/500-hour registered school with Yoga Alliance ID 198078. After successfully completing all coursework (in person and online) you will receive a 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate and become qualified to teach anywhere in the world. You are also eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as a RYT Registered Yoga Teacher.

                  ULU Yoga
                  ULU stands for Universal Love and Understanding. Since 2014 ULU Yoga has trained thousands of new instructors in Thailand and Bali and online. ULU Yoga strives to be creative, fun, and unique while still honoring the sacred wisdom of traditional yoga. Over the years, ULU Yoga has grown into a large family with expert instructors from around the world. Availability can vary month to month. Please inquire about who is teaching in Bali, Thailand and online for the specific dates you are interested in.

                  Kehkashan Nadeem (Pakistan, E-500 RYT), is a master instructor of the highest level with over 20 years teaching experience. KK will take you deep into the fundamentals of classical technique and alignment in order to reach your maximum potential and push beyond your limits.

                  Eddie Pawlak (USA, E-500 RYT) is founder of ULU Yoga. Eddie specialises in aerial yoga and created a revolutionary new aerial hammock and flying style. Eddie loves challenging students with creative fun group work and believes teaching others is the best way to learn and cultivate a happy life.

                  Other guest instructors may include Cody Pizer, Janaina Mendes, Manjeet Mathur, Minty Nguyen, Kalpana Karia, Salome Hei, Juliya Light, and Jen Cannon. 



                  Bali is a tropical island paradise known as the Island of the Gods. Uluwatu is one of the most beautiful parts of Bali with stunning limestone cliffs, turquoise waters and world famous surfing, hip cafes, beach bars, boutique shops, exotic cuisine, live music, dance, spas and massage.

                  Training Location

                  This training takes place at the gorgeous Le Bamboo, a charming 4 star boutique resort with a stunning ocean view infinity pool, relaxing cafe, beautiful yoga shala surrounded by lush green nature, and 10min ride to Bingin Beach and Dreamland Beach. 


                  Packages with accommodation include a delicious breakfast. Choose vegan smoothie bowl with exotic tropical fruits, smashed avocado with poached eggs, gluten free buckwheat porridge and other favorites. For drinks you can choose fresh squeezed juice, herbal tea, or local Bali coffee, plus there is free water all day.

                  For lunch and dinner (average $6 per meal) you can eat onsite or explore the endless boutique cafes, local dinners and beach bars nearby. Top restaurants include: Ours, Cashew Tree, Gooseberry, Chela, The Loft, Alchemy, Mu Bungalows, Baracca, Tabu, Shaka Riki, Rolling Fork, Nourish, Drifter, Divino, Habitat, Ulu Garden, Yoga Searcher.


                  Enjoy a trip to the luxurious Istana, a world class detox centre featuring an ocean view infinity pool, hot and cold plunge, infrared sauna, steam sauna, sound dome, bonfire, kirtan and ecstatic dance.

                  One morning you will do yoga on the beach and take the most amazing pics of your life to remember this experience forever. The group will also visit Uluwatu temple and enjoy the most scenic walk in all of Bali. At sunset you can watch a spectacular Indonesian song and dance ceremony. Free entrance fee and transportation.



                  There are many luxury and budget accommodations just a short walk from Le Bamboo. You can also just pay tuition only and book your own accommodation. 

                  Le Bamboo

                  Onsite - This training takes place at Le Bamboo, a 4 star boutique resort with a gorgeous ocean view infinity pool, relaxing cafe, and beautiful yoga shala. Deluxe bamboo bungalows have air conditioningdesk, wardrobe, fridge, private bathroom, toiletries, and free wi-fi.

                  3D Homestay

                  4min walk - A budget ocean view resort with lush gardens and beautiful swimming pool. All rooms have air conditioning, balcony, private bathroom, toiletries, wardrobe, and free wi-fi.

                  Taman Sari

                  4min walk - A private ocean view property with lush gardens, beautiful swimming pool, and small outdoor kitchen. Deluxe bungalows have air conditioning, balcony, private bathroom, toiletries, wardrobe, and free wi-fi. Wooden Bungalows have a bit more simple interior.


                  4min walk - Enjoy a private ocean view villa with spacious living room, lush gardens, and shared kitchen. The second floor has two ocean view rooms with one shared bathroom. The first floor has two garden view rooms, each with a private bathroom. You have access to the pool next door at Taman Sari.

                  One Degree Sunset Hill

                  7min walk - Modern ocean view hotel with a nice pool. Deluxe rooms feature balcony, air-conditioning, private bathroom, wardrobe, one or two beds. There is also a 6 person dorm. The hill is very steep and traffic can be loud in the day time. Read the reviews. 


                  MORE INFO

                  Getting Here
                  You simply fly into Denpasar (Ngurah Rai International Airport) and get a taxi to your accommodation. The average cost is $20 and takes 30min. Once you are checked in you can rent a motorbike. Or you can order rides via Gojek or Grab. You also get a SIM card at the airport for internet. 

                  What To Bring
                  There are many shops nearby, so you really don't need to bring anything. But the the essentials include: water bottle, notebook, sunscreen, sandals, water socks, sunglasses. The yoga shala has yoga mats, aerial swings, water and tea. It's recommended to get a SIM card at the airport on arrival for good internet. It's cheap and then you're always connected.


                  BOOK NOW
                  Thanks for your interest in ULU Yoga! Feel free to contact us with any questions and we look forward to welcoming you as one of our cherished students.

                  Please pay your balance 2 weeks before arrival if possible. You must cancel 2 weeks in advance to receive a full refund. After that your deposit is non refundable. 

                  The ULU Yoga Family


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