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Restorative Aerial Yoga Video

Restorative Aerial Yoga Video

Ulu Yoga

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Join ULU Yoga for a 75min of Restorative Aerial Yoga. This Master Class is the culmination of several years of teaching thousands of students and over 100 Aerial Yoga Trainings. This video features over a dozen poses with numerous variations to heal the body and mind with deep stretches and serene relaxation.


  • $29 Restorative Aerial Yoga Video 75min

Restorative Aerial

Restorative Aerial uses swings or hammocks to comfortably support the body. Like Yin Yoga you hold poses for longer periods in order to stretch deeper, reach the deeper layers of fascia tissue to release tension. Restorative Aerial also uses suspension to invert the body and decompress the spine to relieve back pain plus promote deep relaxation and healing. This activates the myofascial and parasympathetic nervous system to alleviate mental and physical discomforts, stress and trauma with deep relaxation.

ULU Yoga Swing

It is best to practice with the amazing ULU Yoga Swing ($169), which has cushion padding for extra and comfort and support. The ULU Yoga Swing easily folds into different shapes to better suit various poses and body shapes. It has strong non-slip fabric, rock climbing carabiners and 12kn daisy chains.

Aerial Hammocks

You can also practice with a regular aerial hammock. Many people complain that they are slippery, painful and clumsy. They pinch the skin and often cause bruising. Use a pillow or blanket to protect your hips in forward bending postures and inversions, which can be painful.

Yoga Courses

Ulu Yoga has 200hr and 300hr Yoga Teacher Trainings in Thailand, Bali and Online. Featuring hatha, vinyasa and ashtanga. Also short courses in aerial, acro and SUP. Certified by Yoga Alliance. Click here for more info.