10hr Acroyoga Training

10hr Acroyoga Training

Ulu Yoga

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Join ULU Yoga for an Online Acroyoga Training. Receive 5hrs of video instruction, a 75 page manual with over 30 poses, and 5hrs of live classes. Learn correct technique, spotting, warm up exercises and safety tips. Create a strong foundation and learn to guide others with confidence. RYT receive a 10-HR Yoga Alliance Certificate. Check out ULU Yoga’s free videos on Youtube.

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    $99 - 10 HR Course & Videos

    • 5 hours of video training
    • 75 page manual with 35 exercises
    • 5hrs live classes via Zoom
    • 1 quiz to test your knowledge
    • 10-HR Yoga Alliance Certificate of Continuing Education (for RYT)


    • 5 hours of Acroyoga videos with 35 poses
    • Learn correct form, technique and spotting
    • Study with two of Bali's top instructors
    • 75 page manual with over 100 pictures
    • 5 hours of regular yoga classes live via zoom
    • Self-paced schedule to complete in 5 days or longer
    • RYS may receive a Yoga Alliance Certificate of Continuing Education


    • Acroyoga is a fun, playful practice that combines three main lineages: Acrobatics, Yoga and Healing Arts. The practice of Acroyoga goes far beyond the fun, exciting and beautiful poses however, and really allows us to expand our connection to who we are, how we connect with others and invites us to grow as individuals or collectively. Similarly to how yoga extends far beyond the physical asana, acroyoga really cultivates trust, support, communication and community through the practice.

    Instruction Videos

    • 5 hours of Acroyoga training videos
    • Featuring two of Bali's top instructors
    • Learn 20 poses, 20 spotting techniques, and 15 warm up exercises


    • The videos come with a 75 page PDF manual, which includes:
    • 20 poses, 20 spotting techniques, 15 warm up exercises
    • Detailed bullet point descriptions
    • Pose chart and 55 pictures
    • Brief overview of acro plus safety tips and basic philosophy
    • 1 quiz to test your knowledge and qualify you to receive a certificate of completion

    Live Classes

    • Before starting your acro training students should attend 5 hours of regular yoga classes, which are available live via Zoom or video. This is required to build the requisite strength and balance to practice Acroyoga safely and stretch properly afterwards to avoid injury. Classes are held twice daily both AM and PM.


    • It is recommended that you complete this 10hr course in 5-25 days. Each day you can practice one acroyoga video and/or attend one live yoga class. Don’t do more than three classes a day to avoid exhaustion and injury. Do at least two classes a week you remember what you learned and stay fit.


    • Receive an Acro Yoga Training Certificate of Completion from ULU Yoga, who is a 200/300/500 Hour Registered School and Continuing Education Provider with Yoga Alliance. Students who have already completed a Yoga Alliance approved 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training will receive a Certificate of Continuing Education.


      ULU Yoga

      • ULU Yoga is a 200/300/500-hour registered school with Yoga Alliance ID 198078. ULU stands for Universal Love and Understanding. Their passion is to spread health and wellness around the world. Since 2014, ULU Yoga has led over 100 Teacher Trainings in Thailand and Bali as well as online. ULU Yoga strives to be creative and unique while still honouring the sacred wisdom of traditional yoga as a means to love, peace and happiness to create an abundance of health and wellness around the world.

      Astri Nilantari

      • Astri @petite_astri, Bali is a Balinese yoga teacher, hailing from the spiritual centre of Bali, Ubud. She has many years experience practicing and teaching various styles of yoga, and has completed trainings in Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Yoga Therapy and Acroyoga, amassing over 500hours of teacher trainings.
      • Astri brings a depth of knowledge to her classes, and excels in guiding students to feel and open up the various energy pathways in their bodies. She helps students to find inner peace and the path to their healthiest selves through powerful teaching plans. She has an advanced yoga asana practice and acroyoga practice too as she holds a deep love and respect for the many arts of yoga, and all that they encompass.

      Caspian Burrell 

      • Caspian @cheekyacromonkey (England & Bali) completed his first 200-Hr at Rishikesh Yoga Teacher Training Centre in India, specialising in ashtanga and hatha yoga. He completed 50-Hr Fly High Aerial Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, Indonesia.  He has 60-Hr Traditional Thai Yoga Massage Certification from Sunshine Massage School in Thailand. He also holds a black belt in karate with 11 years experience. Before yoga, Caspian worked as a lead project engineer for aerospace companies.
      • Caspian’s aim as a yoga instructor is to spread the traditional principles of yoga and leave students of all levels feeling peaceful, happy and healthy after each session. He focuses on delivering clear alignment instructions, controlled hands on adjustments and challenging students in every asana whilst catering for each individual and their limitations. Caspian teaches acro yoga, hatha, vinyasa, restorative, nidra, mindful and flow in Bali, Indonesia and around the world. 


      The following poses and exercises are covered in the videos and manual. 

      Lesson 1
      Warm Ups
      1.1.  Stick in the Mud
      1.2.  Plank on Plank
      1.3.  Core and body integration
      Main Poses
      1.4.  Front Plank (FP)
      1.5.  Foot to Shin (F2S)
      1.6.  Straddle Throne (T)
      1.7.  Front Bird (FB)

      Lesson 2
      Warm Ups
      2.1.  Choo Choo Train
      2.2.  Down Dog Arch
      2.3.  Chair Counter Balance
      Main Poses
      2.4.  Chair (C)
      2.5.  High Flying Whale (HFW)
      2.6.  Folded Leaf (FL)
      2.7.  Shin to Foot (S2F) 

      Lesson 3
      Warm Ups
      3.1.  Toe Taps
      3.2.  Tap Coordination
      3.3.  Plank Shake
      Main Poses
      3.4.  Back Bird (BB)
      3.5.  Straddle Bat (SB)
      3.6.  Couch (C)
      3.7.  Reverse Throne (RT) 

      Lesson 4
      Warm Ups
      4.1.  Plank Lift
      4.2.  Trio Handstand
      4.3.  Tuck Jump Blocking
      Main Poses
      4.4.  Reverse Bird (RB)
      4.5.  Bird on Hand (BH)
      4.6.  Supported Shoulder Stand (sup SS)
      4.7.  Star (S) 

      Lesson 5
      Warm Ups
      5.1.  Catch Flyer
      5.2.  Roll Up Shoulder Stand
      5.3.  Assisted Press-up Handstand
      Main Poses
      5.4.  Reverse Couch (RC)
      5.5.  Foot to Hands (f2h)
      5.6.  Reverse Foot to Hand (Rf2h)
      5.7.  Shoulder Stand from Bird (SS bird entry)



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      Piera Polo, June 2020

      • I will always be thankful for the incredible amount of knowledge that Ulu Yoga teachers shared with me as students, I think much more than I was expected to recibe. I will recommend this course to other people, 100%. It was an amazing journey, also because it was an online course, but I always felt I was in the class with them. Thank you so much.

      Rebecca Visintainer - July, 2020

      • This was such a great experience. Although the format had to be modified due to the global pandemic, I very much appreciated how tailored this teacher training was to each person. The ability to move at one's own pace allowed time to process and really grasp the information. Everyone was kind and helpful and had a strong ability to present complex information in a clear way. In the end, I really enjoyed the virtual format and did not feel it lacked in any way as compared to a retreat teacher training format.

      Ruth Baker - July, 2020

      • I think that ULU Yoga did a great job at adapting to the online learning platform in a short space of time. They listened to students and responded with patience and kindness. There was a wealth of knowledge from the diverse teachers involved and certain teachers clearly worked to build a sense of community amongst the students despite the distance between us and differing time zones. The flexibility suited me and I was always met with kindness and support from admin staff as well as teaching staff.

      Keiko Oka - July, 2020

      • I sincerely thank you for all of your support and efforts to put together such an incredible program while you must be busy answering all kind of questions and inquiries. The wisdom from all the teachers gives a lot of hope for me and my family. Corona has challenged all of us, but your program has shown us how to turn the difficult time into a great learning opportunity, which I’m sure is healing for many of us in this time of uncertainty. I’m all inspired by your pioneer spirit of adapting quickly to the ‘new normal.’ Very much forward to the new videos. Thank you again.

      Rebekah Burn - June, 2020

      • ULU yoga school is a wonderful place to learn and grow and I would recommend them as an excellent school with a rich tapestry of knowledge and a great deal of love to share. The team are fantastic and have made me feel so welcome during my training. The classes and lectures have been inspiring, interesting, beautiful, challenging, spiritual and have opened my heart. ULU has offered clear and constant communication, always responding to emails and messages. ULU worked tirelessly to help students and deal with technical issues. I hope to continue my yoga journey with these beautiful people in the future.

      Nicole Lee - June, 2020

      • ULU Yoga's turnaround in this COVID-19 situation has been nothing short of extraordinary. I purchased a yoga training package from them for April 2020 at their Bali campus. As COVID-19 loomed, it was apparent that the course would not be able to materialise. ULU offered an incredible solution to me: they will honour the physical yoga teacher training when they're allowed to reopen, and they will maximise my April by offering me their new online YTT programme for free. 
      • Every class was done live via Zoom and we had opportunities to meet and interact with each other, as well as yoga instructors. There is nothing like a live class. The discussions were always lively and insightful while the practices were inclusive and interactive. The graduation ceremony was amazing too. We were invited to close our eyes and guided through a fantastic visualization of our spiritual journey to yogi enlightenment. When I opened my eyes, I was touched that so many of the new students stayed on to congratulate us. It was very heartwarming. My heart is so full. 
      • I have nothing but praise and admiration for my experience on this journey. I am thankful for the extensive number of live Zoom sessions we were given. They were above and beyond Yoga Alliance requirements and gave me an experience I'll be eternally grateful for. I will return to Ulu Yoga for their physical aerial teaching training when it commences. In the meantime, I encourage aspiring yogis to undertake their online courses without worry of quality compromise. My experience has been invaluable and I'm sure yours would be too.