300-Hr Online Yoga Teacher Training - $100 discount

300-Hr Online Yoga Teacher Training - $100 discount

Ulu Yoga

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Start today your Online Yoga Teacher Training and become a RYT-200/300/500 through Yoga Alliance. Join as an active member via live stream or complete the course by video self-paced in your free time. Learn traditional hatha and vinyasa yoga, meditation and pranayama, classical philosophy and energetics, anatomy and teaching methodology. Get detailed 1:1 feedback and support to become a confident and skilled yoga instructor. Your online tuition also serves as credit to attend courses in Thailand or Bali. 

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You can start the course at any time. The following dates are just when the live stream starts. Half of the course is live stream, the other half is a mix of video modules, readings and group work. However, the live stream is also recorded so you can watch it later if the time is not convenient for you. 

  • May 01 - May 20 - 200 HR
  • June 01 - June 20 - 200 HR
  • May 01 - May 30 - 300 HR
  • June 01 - June 30 - 300 HR
  • May 01 - June 30 - 500 HR



  • Join Zoom live streaming classes
  • Personalised feedback, analysis & support
  • Daily traditional hatha and vinyasa yoga classes
  • Self-paced schedule to finish in 20 days - 12 months
  • Tuition credit to attend courses in Bali & Thailand
  • Daily meditation, anatomy & philosophy classes
  • Get a 200/300-Hr Yoga Alliance Certificate
  • Bonus aerial, acro & SUP workshops


You can complete the course as follows in 20-30 days or self-paced up to 12 months. The following is a suggested itinerary consisting of self study and live stream, GMT+7 (in Thailand 6am is 6pm in the U.S.)

  • 06:00  Meditation, pranayama, bandhas, kriyas
  • 07:00  Yoga practice, hatha, vinyasa, yin
  • 09:00  Break
  • 10:00  Philosophy, anatomy, energetics
  • 11:00  Asanas, methodology, teaching practice
  • 13:00  Break
  • 18:00  Workshops prenatal, injuries, aerial, acro 
  • 19:00  Yoga practice, hatha, vinyasa, yin
  • 21:00  Meditation, pranayama, bandhas, kriyas


1) Contact Hours: 100 hours

  • From 06:00 - 22:00 (GMT +7) an instructor is available for live stream for any topic. The times and content of what is live stream or video will vary from the listed schedule according to student needs, special requests and teacher availability. For an additional fee of $2000 you can have a private instructor for your 100 contact hours. 

2) Non Contact Hours: 100-200 hours

  • You will watch pre-recorded video modules, record your self practice, practice teaching other students via Zoom, read assigned texts, design original classes, write essays and take quizzes.

3) Core Content

  • ULU Yoga strictly adheres to Yoga Alliance standards regarding 1) Techniques, Training, Practice 2) Anatomy & Physiology 3) Yoga Humanities 4) Professional Essentials. Check online for Yoga Alliance Core Curriculum and RYS Guidebook

4) Teaching Materials

  • You will receive PDF’s and links to readings. Much of the content is derived from: Teaching Yoga by Mark Stephens, Hatha Illustrated by Martin Kirk, Light on Yoga by B.K.S. Iyengar, Yoga Anatomy by Leslie Kaminoff, Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Bhagavad Gita and Vedas.


Techniques, Training, Practice

  • Daily practice of hatha and vinyasa yoga featuring sun salutations, traditional core poses, meditation and pranayama. Daily analytics where each pose is examined in detail for correct form and alignment. Workshops include prenatal, injuries, adjustments, sequencing, more detailed meditation and pranayama.
  • Bonus workshops include aerial, acro and SUP yoga. For aerial yoga you will learn to make a tripod stand for home practice. For acro yoga you can invite a friend to practice together. For SUP yoga you can balance on your bed. Or you can skip these bonus workshops and do more regular hatha and vinyasa yoga. 

Anatomy & Physiology

  • Biomechanics of movement, principles of compression and proportion plus working with different body types. Respiratory, muscular and skeletal. The subtle energetic body of the nadis, chakras, doshas. 

Yoga Humanities

  • History, philosophy, ethics and classical texts including Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, the Hatha Yoga Pradipika and the Bhagavad Gita. Includes the 8 limbs, yamas, niyamas, gunas, doshas, kleshas and more.

Professional Essentials

  • Teaching methodology, professional development, teaching skills, teaching styles, student learning process, communication skills, principles of demonstration, observation, time management, group dynamics.
  • Teaching practice. Each day you should practice teaching together with another student via zoom.
  • Teaching practicum. Record yourself teaching 3-5 complete classes to at least one student in person or via Zoom. These classes must be planned in fine detail and reviewed by an instructor. 
  • You must also pass a verbal 1:1 test with an instructor summarising the key points of the course to ensure you have completed the lessons and comprehend the material. 


ULU Yoga

  • Since 2014, ULU Yoga has led over 100 courses and has grown into a big team so that each subject is taught by a trained specialist. ULU Yoga strives to be creative and unique while still honouring the sacred wisdom of traditional yoga to achieve Universal Love and Understanding.


  • Upon successfully completing this course you will receive a Yoga Alliance Certificate and become a Registered Yoga Teacher and can join Yoga Alliance as an official member.