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21 Day 300 Hour MultiStyle Yoga Teacher Training in Koh Phangan, Thailand

21 Day 300 Hour MultiStyle Yoga Teacher Training in Koh Phangan, Thailand

Ulu Yoga

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Enjoy a beautiful beachfront resort and ocean view yoga shala on this 21 Day 300 Hour MultiStyle Yoga Teacher Training in Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Learn to teach traditional hatha and vinyasa yoga. Receive additional classes in aerial, acro, ashtanga, yin and SUP yoga. Discover your true self through philosophy and meditation. Deepen your knowledge with detailed alignment and anatomy. Free your soul with kirtan, dance and sound healing. Detox with a vegan diet and sauna excursion.

Since 2014 ULU Yoga has certified over a thousand new instructors and is a Yoga Alliance 500 hour school. 

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  • Enjoy a beautiful beachfront resort
  • Learn advanced hatha and vinyasa yoga
  • Gain insight with sacred yoga philosophy
  • Deepen your skills with functional anatomy
  • Do aerial, acro, yin, ashtanga and SUP yoga
  • Discover your true self through meditation
  • Detox with a steam sauna and ice bath
  • Liberate your soul with ecstatic dance
  • Receive Yoga Alliance Certification


      The prices listed here include a $500 early bird discount, which is valid for any 2023 course booked before August, 2023.

      • $1999  Tuition only
      • $2499  Shared room (2 beds)
      • $2799  Wooden garden view
      • $3099  Superior garden view
      • $3099  Wooden sea view
      • $3099  Superior sea view
      • $3299  Family room (2 beds)
      • $3299  Deluxe sea view


      Sunday (day 1)

      • 12:00  Check in
      • 18:00  Opening Ceremony

      Monday - Saturday

      • 6:45  Morning yoga
      • 9:15  Breakfast
      • 10:00  Asanas
      • 12:30  Lunch, beach, SUP
      • 14:45  Philosophy, anatomy
      • 16:00  Evening yoga
      • 17:30  Dinner, dance, sauna


        • Free time, excursion

        Saturday (last day)

        • 6:45  Morning yoga practice
        • 9:15  Breakfast
        • 10:00  Closing Ceremony


                        • Jan 29 - Feb 18 - 2023 FULL
                        • Mar 26 - Apr 15 - 2023 FULL
                        • May 28 - June 17 - 2023
                        • July 23 - Aug 12 - 2023
                        • Sept 24 - Oct 14 - 2023
                        • Nov 26 - Dec 16 - 2023
                        • Jan 28 - Feb 17 - 2024

                        COURSE CONTENT

                        Week 1

                        Week one specializes on aerial yoga (and can be taken as an independent course). Aerial helps you to master alignment, build core strength and easily achieve advanced asanas. This facilitates the development of your regular yoga practice and provides you with creative inspiration. You will also try special workshops mixing aerial with acro yoga, restorative yoga, massage and choreography. 

                        Weeks 2 to 3

                        Widen your scope with advanced hatha, vinyasa, ashtanga, pranayama and meditation. Practice both traditional classes and creative flows that blend various fitness styles. Incorporate more challenging manoeuvres such as jump throughs, arm balance and inversion transitions. Also try weekly aerial, acro, yin and SUP yoga.


                          Receive detailed explanation of intermediate and advanced yoga poses and sequences. Learn about their common foundation and how to build upon it in order to achieve correct alignment and technique. Learn modifications to accommodate different levels using various props. Identify and fulfil the specific needs of your students.

                          Teaching Skills

                          Practice teaching everyday one on one and take turns leading the whole group. Each week you will design an original class and teach it one on one with another student. Also design a developmental program or yoga course to real a specific goal. This is followed by detailed feedback to become a confident instructor.


                          Special classes include teaching methodology, cueing, sequencing, corrections and adjustments, prenatal yoga, ayurveda, advanced pranayama and meditation techniques, working with props, injuries and more. Give a short presentation on unique wellness related topic.


                          Gain a deeper understanding of bodily systems, structures and principles underlying each movement and of yoga itself. See how specific muscles respond to the movements of the joints with biomechanics; how the spine, breathing and body positions are all fundamentally linked.


                          Discover your true self and deeper nature of reality through the sacred wisdom of ancient yogic philosophy. Learn to apply these lessons in the real world to cultivate a holistic lifestyle. Topics include the vedas, yoga sutras, Bhagavad Gita, 8 limbs, nature of self/soul, nadis, chakras, consciousness, karma, gunas, ego, tantra and more.

                          Business Essentials

                          Learn all the secrets, skills and mistakes to avoid to start your own successful yoga business. Learn how to take pictures, make videos, promote on social media, design a course, organize students and teaching staff, get Yoga Alliance approval, get listed on booking platforms, process bookings, arrange accommodations, deal with resorts, agents and additional staff and support. 


                          Online Course

                          As a special bonus you will receive the complete course online, which is full approved by Yoga Alliance. This includes video modules covering all topics, physical practice, readings and quizzes and bonus live classes.

                          Self Study

                          During your onsite training you should spend 1-2 hours a day of self study, for a total of 50 hours. However, it is recommended that you complete these hours before the course starts. You can follow the preset study guide or choose from the online course what classes best suit your needs and interests. 

                          Online Studies

                          You are required to complete 100 hours of online studies before your training (in addition to your 50 hours of required self study). If you need more time, you can complete them after the course (you will receive a provisional certificate until these hours are completed). 

                          Live Online Classes

                          Optional. You can join live classes on Zoom, Monday - Friday. Times vary, but on average are 2 p.m. GMT +3. Here you can meet instructors and other students to get connected and ask any questions you may have. Attendance is not required. 


                          ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES


                          There are so many wonderful beaches to explore just a few minutes walk! The resort has a small private beach. Next door is long and wide Haad Yao beach with nay great restaurants and fun activities. On the other side is Secret beach with shady trees and a relaxing vibe.


                          Each week you can attend an amazing ecstatic dance, a highly liberating experience, which encourages you to bloom with uninhibited self-expression. Combine this with yoga and your body will experience a total rebirth of dynamic movement and liberation.

                          Sauna & Ice Bath

                          This course includes 1 free entry to the mystical night sauna. Purge your body of toxins in the hot sauna then rejuvenate with an ice bath Boost your immune system, reduce inflammation and relieve stress. Chant kirtan around the bonfire gazing up at the stars and enjoy mystical sound healing.



                          Koh Phangan, Thailand is a world famous magical bohemian paradise with no big crowds or traffic. This course takes place at a beautiful Bounty Resort in Haad Yao, which features lush green gardens, swimming pool, ocean view rooms and a private beach. You are just 5 min walk to Haad Yao Beach and Secret Beach. Nearby are many great restaurants, boutique shops, live music and dancing. 


                          Bounty Resort has Deluxe sea view rooms with large balconies, tv and fridge. Family rooms are similar plus have two beds. Wooden bungalows (fan) have comfy hammocks with great ocean views. Standard rooms (fan) and Superior rooms (a.c.) are more modern with partial sea view balconies. Shared rooms (a.c.) are similar and have two beds. 

                          All rooms have wi-fi, private bathroom, towels, toiletries and tea kettle. The resort also has a great restaurant, swimming pool, laundry service, ATM, motorbike rental, taxi, travel and tour assistance.

                          You can also just pay tuition and stay next door at Haad Son Resort or Hi Life Bungalows, which have more upscale accommodation.


                          This course include a delicious vegan smoothie bowl for breakfast with fresh tropic fruit, coconut yogurt and mixed toppings. For lunch and dinner (average $6 per meal) you can eat at the resort or go out with the ULU Yoga team who will encourage, but not force you to make healthy choices ;)

                          There are many wonderful local markets, beach bars and boutique cafes to explore including: Loco’s Pizza, Pura Vida, Bubba’s Roastery, Big Mountain, Taboon, Sea Tara, Karma Cafe, Eat Co., Sati Pot, Alcove and Chana Masala.



                          ULU Yoga is a 200/300/500-hour registered school with Yoga Alliance ID 198078After completing this course you will receive a 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate and become qualified to teach anywhere in the world. You can also register with Yoga Alliance as a RYT Registered Yoga Teacher. 

                          ULU YOGA

                          ULU stands for Universal Love and Understanding. Since 2014 ULU Yoga has trained thousands of new instructors in Thailand and Bali and online. ULU Yoga strives to be creative, fun and unique while still honouring the sacred wisdom of traditional yoga.


                          Over the years ULU Yoga has grown into a big family with master instructors from around the world. Click here to watch intro videos and and teaching samples from our beloved team.

                          In Thailand you will be guided by Cody Pizer (South Africa, E-500 RYT), who has over 3000 hours experience leading yoga teacher trainings. Cody is a dynamic free spirit who loves all styles of yoga and movement. He is an expert of vinyasa, meditation, philosophy and anatomy. 

                          Other guest instructors and online instructors include: Leena Boon, Janaina Mendes, Manjeet Mathur, Eddie Pawlak, Minty Nguyen, Shashi, Kehkashan, Kalpana Karia, Jen Cannon and Akshay Makhija.



                          Please pay your balance 2 weeks before arrival if possible. You must cancel 2 weeks in advance to receive a full refund. After that your deposit is non refundable.

                          BOOK NOW

                          Thanks for your interest in ULU Yoga! Feel free to contact us with any questions and we look forward to welcoming you as one of our cherished students.

                          The ULU Yoga Family

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