21 Day 200-Hr MultiStyle Yoga Teacher Training on Koh Phangan, Thailand

Ulu Yoga

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Join ULU Yoga’s 200-Hr Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand.  Learn vinyasa, aerial, acro and SUP yoga. Enjoy a beautiful ocean view yoga shala and serene resort with three perfect beaches.  Create a loving yoga family and make life-long friends. 

Change your life with daily meditation, pranayama and sacred yoga philosophy.  Discover the subtle levels of your energetic being and true nature of reality. Set your spirit free with beach yoga, ecstatic dance and kirtan.  

Deepen your knowledge with detailed analytics, alignment and methodology.  Practice teaching every day to become a confident instructor. Receive a certificate of completion from ULU Yoga who is a 200/300-Hr Registered Yoga Alliance School.


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  • $499  Pay a deposit to book your spot
  • $1999  Tuition only (no room or food)

2) Packages

  • Includes tuition, room & food
  • $2439  Shared fan room
  • $2539  Private fan bungalow
  • $2599  Private fan room
  • $2669  Shared a/c room
  • $2939  Private a/c room
  • $3399  Deluxe a/c room
  • $2139  Extra person

3) Dates

  • Jan 05 - Jan 25 - 2020
  • Feb 02 - Feb 22 - 2020
  • Mar 01 - Mar 21 - 2020
  • Jun 07 - Jun 27 - 2020
  • Aug 02 - Aug 22 - 2020
  • Oct 04 - Oct 24 - 2020
  • Nov 01 - Nov 21 - 2020



  • Enjoy an ocean view shala & private beach
  • Explore new styles aerial, acro & sup yoga
  • Change your life with sacred philosophy
  • Practice classical hatha & vinyasa flow
  • Expert analytics, alignment & adjustments
  • Unite body & mind with holistic anatomy
  • Practice teaching to be a confident instructor


  • Yoga Alliance teacher training certificate
  • Printed course manuals & online videos
  • Free Traditional Thai Massage
  • Free airport transportation to the resort
  • Serene beachside accommodation
  • Healing food to nourish your body



  • Koh Phangan, Thailand is a magical island paradise with over thirty 30 beaches, pristine nature, exotic wildlife, lush green jungle, mountains and waterfalls.  It is also famous for numerous yoga and wellness centres, healthy cuisine and bohemian lifestyle.



  • This course takes place at the serene Bounty Resort, which has lush green gardens, swimming pool, delicious restaurant, beautiful ocean view yoga shala, three perfect beaches and a variety of accommodations.  (You can also just pay tuition and self-book accommodation. Nearby are many luxury and budget options.) 

Deluxe A/C Rooms 

  • Modern rooms with queen beds, desk, fridge, tv, hot water, wardrobe, free wi-fi and amazing ocean front balconies looking over the beach.

Private A/C Rooms 

  • Modern rooms with queen beds, small desk, hot water, free wi-fi and partial sea-view balconies.  Shared rooms have two twin beds.

Fan Rooms 

  • Modern rooms with queen beds, small desk, hot water, free wi-fi and partial sea-view balconies.  Shared rooms have two twin beds.

Fan Bungalows 

  • Wooden huts with double beds, mosquito nets, cold water, free wi-fi and amazing sea view balconies with dreamy hammocks.

Extra Person

  • If your friend or partner wants to join the yoga course, you will add this amount to your remaining balance.  The price includes tuition, food and room. You will share one private room and can request one or two beds. 



  • Packages include a healthy vegan breakfast, including fresh tropical fruits, coconut milk, muesli or flax seed porridge, green smoothie and ginger lemon tea.
  • Add lunch and dinner, Mon-Fri, for $240 extra.  Lunch is a plant based protein rich vegan buffet, dinner is a hearty detox soup to promote smooth digestion and a good night's sleep.
  • The resort has a nice restaurant plus nearby are many boutique cafes, restaurants and cheap Thai food.  Check out High Life, Haad Son, Secret Beach, Haad Yao Beach, Loccos Pizza, Bubbas Coffee, Pura Vida, Big Mountain, Taboon, Eat Co, Karma Cafe, Pure Vegan, Green Gallery, Orion Center, Chana Masala, Sati Pot.



  • The schedule is subject to change according to student needs and travel plans. 

Sunday (day 1)

  • 14:00 - 19:00  Check in
  • 19:00 - 21:00  Orientation 

Monday - Saturday

  • 06:30 - 07:00  Mediation
  • 07:00 - 09:00  Morning yoga
  • 09:00 - 10:00  Breakfast
  • 10:00 - 11:00  Lecture
  • 11:00 - 13:00  Asana studies
  • 13:00 - 15:30  Lunch
  • 15:30 - 17:00  Workshops
  • 17:00 - 18:30  Evening yoga
  • 18:30 - 19:30  Dinner


  • Some Saturdays and Sundays are half days or full days off and may include rejuvenating workshops such as SUP yoga, acro yoga, chakra awakening, sound healing and ayurveda. Then you can enjoy free time or join additional activities like kirtan with live music and ecstatic dance.

Saturday (day 21)

  • 06:30 - 09:00  Closing ceremony
  • 09:00 - 10:00  Breakfast


Course Structure

  1. Yoga Practice
  • The course strictly adheres to Yoga Alliance standards for techniques, analytics, philosophy, anatomy, methodology, practicum, contact hours and self-study.


  • Each morning starts with meditation, pranayama (breathing) and kriyas (cleansing techniques) to purify the body and mind.  Through meditation you will gain insight into the true nature of being, consciousness and reality to attain clarity, control, peace and happiness.

Hatha Yoga

  • Hatha yoga is the root of all modern yoga and involves holding traditional asanas for longer periods of time to learn correct alignment, build strength, gain flexibility and cultivate mindfulness necessary to practice more advanced styles such as vinyasa.  2-3x a week.

Vinyasa Yoga

  • Vinyasa yoga connects traditional asanas and advanced variations with breath and movement to create graceful dynamic flows.  Each class is a unique experience that invokes a thoughtful journey to test ones limits and explore new possibilities. 2-3x a week.

Aerial Yoga

  • ULU Yoga is famous for their unique style aerial yoga and popular ULU Yoga Swing, which has cushion padding for greater comfort and support than regular silk hammocks.  You will train mostly with the ULU Yoga Swing, but you can use silk hammocks if you prefer.  In Bali you must bring your own but in Thailand the school has both. 
  • ULU Yoga mixes aerial with traditional hatha, vinyasa, pilates, acrobatics and physical therapy.  Classes are designed to aid beginners master basic poses, support experienced practitioners achieve advanced asanas, offer spinal decompression, pain relief and creative exploration.  Please check YouTube to learn about ULU Yoga’s specific aerial yoga style. 2 classes a week.
  • ULU Yoga also offers specialized Aerial Yoga Teacher Trainings to gain an additional Yoga Alliance Certificate.  Courses include detailed analytics, alignment, adjustments, sequencing, class design, teaching practice and unique workshops like aerial acro, aerial massage, therapeutics, acrobatics and choreography.  See all our courses.

Acro Yoga

  • Acro yoga teaches you trust and communicate in fun and challenging new ways.  It improves focus, balance, alignment and offers therapeutic benefits similar to Thai Massage.  You will learn beginner and intermediate poses and practice how to teach them skilfully through methodology lectures.  3 classes. 

SUP Yoga

  • SUP Yoga or Stand Up Paddle Board, offers a direct connection to nature while floating above crystal clear waters.  Similar to acro yoga, SUP helps deepen the skills required for regular asanas as it requires maximum focus and balance.  You will also learn SUP yoga methodology and opt to practice teaching. 3 classes.


  • Special workshops may include yoga for injuries and pregnancy, hands-on adjustments, working with props, yin yoga, yoga nidra, lectures on ayurveda, vegan cooking, chakra opening and sound healing, aerial acro, aerial restorative, aerial massage, aerial acrobatics, aerial choreography.  1-2x classes each and subject to change.

  1. Analytics
  • Examine the key poses in each category of asana (standing poses, forward bends, backbends, twists and inversions).  The goal is to understand their form and function with emphasis on correct alignment, plus their common foundation and how to build upon it.  4-5 classes a week.

  1. Anatomy
  • Learn the biomechanics of movement, the principles of compression and proportion and working with different body types.  Study the bodily systems including respiratory, muscular, skeletal and energetic. Examine the health benefits of various asanas to treat various illnesses and injuries.

  1. Philosophy
  • Explore sacred wisdom Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.  Integrate the yamas and niyamas into your daily life to create an authentic yoga lifestyle.  Gain insight into the subtle layers of the energetic body, chakras and nadis and their relation to modern medical science. 
  • You will go very deep into philosophy, meditation, pranayama and energetics.  You recieve the structure and support to integrate these teachings and practices into your daily life, not just learn about them, so you that you may create and sustain a lifelong authentic and ethical yoga lifestyle beyond the course. 

  1. Teaching Practice
  • ULU Yoga's greatest strength is producing confident skilled instructors.  You will practice teaching every day plus design and teach an original class each week followed by detailed feedback.  This has proven to be exceptionally effective and many students get great jobs after completing the course.

  1. Teaching Methodology
  • Learn the qualities of a good teacher, different teaching styles, communication skills, principles of demonstration, observation, time management, group dynamics, fulfilling individual needs, working in various group settings plus establishing priorities and boundaries.

  1. Self Study
  • Students must complete some pre-course work.  ULU Yoga has online videos to practice some basic poses and pranayama.  During the course there is daily self-study, group work and various assignments such as designing original classes and preparing short presentations.  1-2 hours daily.


Course Materials

  • 50-Hr Aerial students receive a detailed course manual, which includes detailed descriptions of over 50 poses, sequenced and fully scripted as a complete class with video, which students can memorize and modify to teach confidently.  Manuals also include anatomy, yoga history, class outlines, quizzes, safety tips and technical info.
  • 200/300/500-Hr students receive printed course manuals based on Teaching Yoga by Mark Stephens, Hatha Illustrated by Martin Kirk and Yoga Anatomy by Leslie Kaminoff, Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, the Hatha Yoga Pradipika and the Bhagavad Gita.  You are encouraged to read these in advance.

ULU Yoga Swing

  • On this course you will practice with the ULU Yoga Swing, which has cushion padding for greater comfort and support than regular silk hammocks, which are often painful and cause bruising.  However, you may also train with regular silk hammcoks and do all the same poses. In Bali you must bring your, but in Thailand the school has both.  Check Youtube to see the ULU Yoga Swing in action and ensure it is the right choice for you.



  • This course is open to all levels and students are recommended to take rest and modify as needed for advanced poses.  Before starting the course you should do yoga at least twice a week for a couple months plus practice along with ULU Yoga's online videos and get a medical check-up.


  • The key to ULU Yoga’s success has been open communication.  Each week there is a group sharing circle to maintain group harmony and ensure your personal and academic needs are met so your time is truly enjoyable and nurturing on all levels to create a holistic experience.


Yoga Alliance Certificate

  • ULU Yoga RYS is a 200-Hr, 300-Hr and 500-Hr Registered School plus a Continuing Education Provider with Yoga Alliance USA.  After successfully completing a course you will receive a certificate of completion and become eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT).
  • Yoga Alliance RYT who complete a 50-Hr or 100-Hr Aerial Yoga TT (or other additional course on offer), will receive a Yoga Alliance Certificate of Continuing Education, which counts as Additional Teacher Training Hours.
  • Non-RYT (people who have not completed a 200-Hr Yoga Alliance accredited Teacher Training), will still receive a certificate of completion.  Many employers accept this as a qualified teaching credential and ULU Yoga graduates (both RYT and non-RYT) teach aerial, acro, hatha, vinyasa and SUP yoga all over the world. 


ULU Yoga School

  • Since 2014, ULU Yoga has led over 100 yoga courses and produced over 500 new instructors.  ULU Yoga strives to be creative and unique while still honouring the sacred wisdom of traditional yoga as a means to better health, happiness and spiritual liberation.

Are You ULU?

  • We originally chose the name ULU simply because it sounded nice and had no meaning in English, like AUM.  After getting into aerial we surprisingly learned it meant owl in Hindi.
  • The owl is like an aerial yogi who sits in quiet meditation, peering through the darkness to dispel ignorance and illuminate the true nature of reality.  He then flies into action with wisdom and skill to achieve his goal. ULU also means whirlwind or crazy in arabic languages, where they say “Are you ULU?”.  
  • We define ULU as Universal Love and Understanding.  All together this summarises perfectly ULU Yoga’s love for traditional yoga and crazy styles like aerial, which can serve to uplift and unite humanity. 



  • Instructors are carefully chosen so that each subject is taught by a trained specialist.  Please double check with us to see who is teaching, as teacher availability can change. 

Viktoria Hartung 

  • Viktoria (Germany, Russia) has over 20 years of yoga experience. She did her first 200-Hr TT in Hatha Yoga, followed by a 500-Hr TT in Therapeutic Yoga. She also has certifications in acro yoga, aerial yoga, deep tissue massage, nadi healing touch and traditional tantra yoga. Viktoria has a most vibrant energy, but is also a serious scholar.  She has a Masters in Chemical Engineering, taught at university and worked in the pharmaceutical industry. 
  • Viktoria leads 200-Hr and 300-Hr yoga teacher trainings in Asia, Europe and India plus has extensive knowledge of yoga philosophy, anatomy and ayurveda. Viktoria's deep craving for study and self-development lead her to combine western medical science with spirituality and yoga to create a compressive holistic health approach and clear understandable teaching. Her greatest skill is inspiring others to wake up and live plus uniting groups and filling the room with love and laughter.

Cody Gavin Pizer

  • Cody (South Africa) started yoga in 2010. He completed his 200-Hr MultiStyle Yoga TT with Green Yoga in India. He also has certifications in aerial and SUP yoga. Cody has several years experience as lead instructor on numerous yoga trainings specializing in vinyasa, aerial and SUP yoga plus presents engaging lectures on anatomy and philosophy. He is also a credible authority on diet and nutrition as a long-time raw vegan intermittent faster. 
  • Cody has led mindfulness retreats, mixed movement arts and parkour workshops in Bali, India, Malaysia and Cambodia plus taught at the famous Yoga Barn on Bali and Blue Indigo in Cambodia. He has an uninhibited spirit, which directs his life and inspires others to grow beyond themselves. Cody’s passion for movement as a whole interconnected discipline translates into all of his classes. He loves to motivate others through yoga, movement and philosophy to discover more about the miracle and magic that is the human body, mind and the world itself.

Arihant Ortega

  • Arihant (Spain) found yoga in 2007 and spent many years traveling the world, volunteering in ecovillages and healing centres, visiting ashrams in India, studying under numerous teachers and living the yogic path. In Rishikesh, he obtained his 200-Hr certification under the guidance of Yogacharya Dinesh Shastri, disciple of Swami Yogananda Maharaj Ji. 
  • His exploration into the depths of Vedic culture led him to study Ayurveda at Ashramam Ayurveda Hospital and Training Institute of Kerala and Sanskrit and Mantra at the American Institute of Vedic Studies. Other qualifications include Sound Healing, Acroyoga, Thai massage and Indian Classical music. Arihant is a sincere caring soul passionate about enriching the lives of others with the sacred wisdom yoga in all aspects of life. He also loves puppies and has a great sense of humor. (Teaching 2019 October. 2020 January, February, March, June, July, Aug).



  • One morning you will visit the resort's private beach and do aerial flying over the ocean.  Learn to make a bamboo aerial tripod, how to take great pictures for fun, marketing and professional development, lead events, give demonstrations, manage groups, crowd control and safety.


  • Included is a free Thai massage, a traditional healing system for pain, stress, injuries and rejuvenation.  Traditional Thai massage combines acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles, massage, assisted yoga postures and energy lines similar to nadis in yoga philosophy.


Things To Do

  • There are three perfect beaches just a few minutes walk from the resort plus thirty more gems spread around the island.  You will love swimming in the turquoise sea and snorkeling with exotic fish.  
  • Nearby are many great restaurants, shopping, waterfalls, temples, yoga and wellness centres for detox, dance and massage.  Thong Sala town, the main ferry port, is just just 5-15 min ride and features the bustling Pantip Food Market and Saturday Night Market.

Special Recommendations

  • Visit the magical Dome Sauna, a mystical mountain sanctuary with herbal steam saunas, sound healing performances and tribal bonfire for meditation and stargazing.  You can also take a taxi ferry around the island, go diving with whale sharks and explore Angthong National Marine Park

Know To Go

  • ULU Yoga provides aerial yoga swings, yoga mats, printed manuals and drinking water.  You can bring or buy here a water bottle or personal yoga mat and yoga towel. You should also buy a SIM card at the airport for good wi-fi.  Most people get a 30 day visa on arrival, or 2 month visa in advance, and a 1 month extension on Koh Samui for 2,000THB.



  • This course takes place at Bounty Resort, 85/1 Moo 8, Haad Yao, Ko Phangan, Surat Thani 84280, Thailand. 
  • For travel info and ferry tickets visit ferrysamui online.  You can buy tickets online or at the airport upon arrival.  Start your travels from Bangkok early to catch the best connections.  ULU Yoga will reimburse 200/250/300-Hr students 600THB for transportation fare at orientation. 
  • From Bangkok, fly to Koh Samui Airport (1hr, $100), then take a ferry to Koh Phangan (30min, 400THB), then take a taxi to Bounty Resort (20min, 200THB).
  • A cheap option is from Bangkok, fly to Surat Thani Airport (1hr, average $40), then take a ferry to Koh Phangan (4.5hrs, 400THB), then take a taxi to Bounty Resort (20min, 200THB).


Payment & Registration

  • After you pay your deposit please fill out the registration form, complete your pre-course work and pay your balance 7 days before arrival.  The deposit is non-refundable 21 days before the start.  You must pay the total amount 6 weeks in advance to get the Early Bird discount or that amount will be added to your remaining balance. 



Christina Stempfel

  • The most breathtaking and life-changing experience of my life!  I started with the 50-Hr aerial teacher training but soon the wonderful people of this yoga teacher training program healed my soul and I couldn’t believe it but the magic was operating.  I had to extend my stay in order to complete the full 200-Hr TTC and that was the best decision! Shashi represents the beauty of human beings so wonderfully that it is contagious! She helped me to believe in myself again after years of doubts!  Her resources are endless and the way she shares it with love and passion is a blessing to this world!
  • Edward deserves a medal for what he did! He has built this whole thing with his heart in order to truly help people.  When someone is so passionate about what he does it is a blessing to be close in any way to this project. One of the best teachers I had on my path!  Thank you endlessly for creating this opportunity for us! ULU Yoga isn’t only gonna give you the ability to become a multi style yoga teacher but they hand you the key to love in abundance!  They’ve changed me and the way I perceive life and its surroundings! No money in there world can pay off what ULU Yoga and they’re wonderful teachers have given to me!

Emmy Nelson 

  • I had the best experience with Ulu!  The setting was on an island in Thailand- the resort was right next to the beach, and the weather was beautiful!!!  There was a breakfast buffet everyday, which was amazing. And the beach (Haad Yao) was so picturesque. There were several instructors, and they were all amazing and knowledgeable!  I loved how they put an emphasis on safety and how the poses are for each person's body. The course was a lot more intense than I had anticipated- but you learn a lot, and you get a lot of teaching practice.  I took the 200hr multi-style course, so I had the pleasure of experiencing SUP yoga (on a paddle-board), acroyoga, aerial yoga, yin, hatha, vinyasa, and even a taste of ashtanga.
  • Every instructor was wonderful, and I truly enjoyed learning from each and every one of them: Vik, Cody, Karen, Edward, Jennie, Minty, and the assistant: Becky.  Everyone at both Ulu and Bounty Resort was super kind and helpful. One of my peers fell off a motorbike while on the island, and I had hurt my shoulder. The instructors were very understanding of our situation.  Edward even let me borrow his phone when mine had broken. I would 100% recommend ULU for your yoga teaching program, and I would do the program again in a heartbeat:) I still miss the island and all the people on it! 

Tamia Hasan

  • I've just completed my 200 hours and had an absolutely amazing experience.  The amount of care and support I received with my colleagues was beyond my expectations.  Edward was extremely accommodating, taking care in such a productive way to make sure I had a safe and positive experience.  He helped me find my footing in Koh Phangan and offered recommendations as well as an amazing introduction to aerial yoga. Shashi gave 110% of herself to every session even after an unfortunate injury (non-yoga related).  She seamlessly stitched things together for us with additional workshops and opportunities to keep the focus on growth and development which was absolutely well done and inspiring.
  • Viktoria went above and beyond to pour her heart into all of us seeking to understand the true meaning of yoga and healing.  One hug from her can inspire you for the entire course if you let it. Alon was hands down the most technical instructor I've ever had the pleasure of learning from.  His sense of humour brought the perfect balance of lightness and attention to every session. He gave us the willpower to push ourselves and become the best version of ourselves for ourselves.  There were also a few others who guest appeared in the course and brought wonderful diversity and variety to the experience. Overall incredible. I would have stayed another 200 hours if life allowed.  10/10, I highly recommend.